Peola Simondi Arte Contemporanea

The centrepiece of the one-man show of work by Thorsten Kirchhoff is Overdrive, an 8 min short film by the artist. This, his latest film, is a sort of beefed-up trailer for a full-length version to be made by the artist and Jacopo Chessa, from Turin. Together they have written the treatment from which this condensed version has been produced.
The story makes you think of a sci-fi version of Kafka's The Trial, or a James Bond spy story written by Camus, in a world populated more by cars than by people. 

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September 19 - October 31, 2006

  • Andisheh Avini

Alberto Peola Gallery presents the first one-man shown in Italy of work byAndisheh Avini, an American artist of Iranian extraction.
Born and raised in New York, Avini has remained closely attached to his Persian roots. He reads and writes Farsi, and travelled to Iran many times during his infancy and childhood. A recurrent theme in his work is the idea of identity and lack of identity, which stems from his personal standpoint where he embraces two often diverging cultures, Persian and American.

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May 23 - June 30, 2006

  • Monica Carocci
April 12 - May 20, 2006

20 May 1976, Montreal - Final preparations for the Summer Olympics were underway when a plume of smoke rose above the Ile Sainte-Hélène. The United States pavilion, a twenty-storey geodesic dome built by Buckminster Fuller for Expo 67, had caught fire during repairs to the metal truss-work that underlay the dome's outer skin.
The entire acrylic shell was gone within half an hour, the metal structure reduced to one more ruin among the abandoned national pavilions that populated the island. Nine years prior, the site had served as a global playground, virtually insuring the city's bid to host the 1976 Summer Games.

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February 16 - March 31, 2006

Three years after their first show, Perino & Vele have come back to Turin to exhibit their latest installations realised for the new edition of Outside curated by Guido Curto, at Palazzo Bricherasio, and the Galleria Alberto Peola. These two spaces will be connected by a red line for the duration of the exhibitions, and visitors will be able to follow the dialogue that the artists develop through their work.

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November 12, 2005 - January 28, 2006

«The Noble Savages are fabric statues, which evoke a contrast between power and fragility, might and weakness.
These portraits reinterpret some of the characters from Los Caprichos (The Caprices), a series of 80 etchings by Francisco de Goya published in the 1790's. The scenes depicted by Goya's Los Caprichos blend fancy and folly with a darker side of humanity.
It is my intent to bring the historical work of Goya forward into contemporary culture, as his intelligent apprehensions of society are as valid today as they were two centuries ago». 

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May 30 - July 22, 2005

  • Alessandro Dal Pont

curated by Luigi Fassi

In his famous piece, Apollo Temple, 1964, the New York artist Roy Lichtenstein gives new life to the ruins of a Greek temple by redrawing the image using the bright and eye-catching colours of the American Pop Art palette.
The new picture is similar to the happy discovery of a child that has come into touch with a wonderful new world and has tried to make it their own by stirring together imagination and colours. Lichtenstein had already toyed with classical themes in work such as Entablatures in the 70s. His free interpretations depict the neoclassical friezes and cornices of 1930s America in a bombastic, two-tiered cultural translation spanning ancient Greece and American Pop Art.



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May 30 - July 22, 2005

Two years after the first exhibition in Italy of work by the German artist Dietmar Lutz, Alberto Peola Gallery is showing a new series, called Controfigura.

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April 7 - May 28, 2005