Peola Simondi Arte Contemporanea

The Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to host Cosimo Veneziano’s second solo exhibition.

Exhibited here for the first time, these works conclude Cosimo Veneziano’s investigation of the role of sculpture in the public space of contemporary society, as well as of the iconographic and symbolic value of images in political propaganda. In particular, the artist addresses the process whereby a community construes its iconography by selecting some facts and personalities and disregarding others, before the symbol is placed in the public space, be this physical or virtual. 

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February 10 - April 1, 2017

curated by Valeria Ceregini

Alberto Peola Art Gallery is pleased to announce Gioberto Noro’s solo exhibit.

curated by Valeria Ceregini

The only world that exists is the opaque,
the sunny being nothing more than its reverse side.

Italo Calvino, The Opaque, in Novels and Short Stories, vol. III

The artistic duo Gioberto Noro, urged by a cognitive drive in the realization of the work of art, displays an intent to know reality by overcoming the material limits of photography. In this respect, the camera is no longer a mere technical device, but a means to investigate the world and, thus, the Self.

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November 5, 2016 - January 28, 2017

Alberto Peola Art Gallery is pleased to announce Simone Mussat Sartor’s solo exhibition.


Marco Rainò

There are legs, benches, windows; here, in these square-shaped snippets of vision, there are units of time that will never come again, there are moments that we had forgotten, similar but not identical to others that perhaps we had not considered valid, necessary, that we hadn’t pulled from the flow of everything before – the never-ending flow of everything.


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September 29 - October 29, 2016

The Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present Thorsten Kirchhoff’s solo exhibition Underground Party.

The exhibition originates from a video inspired by director Emir Kusturica’s film Underground (1995). In Kusturica’s film, the protagonists seek refuge from the war bombings in an air-raid shelter where they will hide for many years, well after the end of the conflict, in an attempt to experience the joy which is impossible to find in the world above. Similarly, Thorsten Kirchhoff’s video hints at the possibility of finding an alternative to the desolate and sterile present reality, one in which the human need to find answers, however vain and illusory, is still alive. 

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May 21 - July 26, 2016

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present Francesca Ferreri’s first solo exhibition.

The sculptures of Francesca Ferreri (Savigliano CN, 1981) originate from everyday objects, or their fragments, which, being reassembled into new formal and chromatic wholes, attain new identities and new boundaries. At the core of her artistic exploration are not the objects themselves, which merely activate a process, but the empty spaces between them. 

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April 7 - May 14, 2016

curated by Francesca Comisso

The title A Trilogy sets the rhythm for three events featuring trios of video artworks by three artists whose evocative visions evolved between 2008 and 2015, the years of "infinite crisis" as they were called by the philosopher and economist Christian Marazzi. Although they come from different latitudes and use different approaches, the artists Mary Zygouri, Eva Frapiccini and Marianne Heier have all chosen – with a perspective that opens to include the past and the present – to confront the issues of history, economics and politics by exploring the many forms and varied rhetoric of power, each offering her own "countermove" as a response to it.

Mary Zygouri, Friday February 5 

Eva Frapiccini, Wednesday February 17

Marianne Heier, Friday March 4

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February 5 - March 25, 2016
December 16, 2015 - January 13, 2016

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present Fatma Bucak’s second solo exhibition.

Born in eastern Turkey and identifying as both Kurdish and Turkish, Fatma Bucak creates art that continues a life-long negotiation and interrogation of the ideological and conceptual conditions of border landscapes. Her films, photographs, and installations emerge from and perpetuate the liminality of borders. The title of her exhibition Nothing is in its own place speaks to her confrontation of the contingency of border spaces and the tenuous interdependency that resides within them.

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September 25 - December 5, 2015